Zendesk Alternative for Customer Support

Intercom vs Zendesk What are the differences?

intercom vs. zendesk

Intercom is ideal for personalized messaging, while Zendesk offers robust ticket management and self-service options. Compared to Zendesk and Intercom, Helpwise offers competitive and transparent pricing plans. Its straightforward pricing structure ensures businesses get access to the required features without complex tiers or hidden costs, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious organizations. Its chat widget looks and works great, and it put a lot of effort into making Intercom a modern, user-friendly tool to communicate with customers.שטיח פרסי תל אביב potlac na tricka fermelamarquise.com cheapdesignerhandbagsforyou.com adidas deerupt panske zelene adidas deerupt panske zelene potlac na tricka fermelamarquise.com krásne ľahko oteplené dámske kozačky שטיח פרסי תל אביב adidas deerupt panske zelene buckeyeboerboels.com potlac na tricka kuffert tilbud damske teplaky

Fintech startup Novo had to pivot to new ways of working in 2020, just like everyone else. But the company’s story isn’t just one of pandemic-induced change—in the first half of the year, Novo’s client base grew from 2,000 to tens of thousands. Check out the research-backed comparison below to better understand how each solution can add value to your organization. “Game-Changing, Innovative and Future Proof” are just a few words satisfied clients used to describe Ada’s services. Both older and larger than Intercom, Zendesk has over 150,000 customer accounts in 160 countries and territories. They also have a worldwide presence with offices in New York, Mexico City, Tokyo, Paris, Singapore, São Paulo, and Dublin.

Zendesk vs Intercom: pricing

By exploring their distinct offerings, we aim to assist businesses in making informed decisions when selecting a customer service platform. Two leading contenders in the customer service platform space, Zendesk and Intercom, have transformed businesses’ customer engagement by offering powerful software solutions that enhance intercom vs. zendesk support systems. To select the ideal fit for your business, it is crucial to compare these industry giants and assess which aligns best with your specific requirements. Though there are many customer service solutions available online, for the purpose of this blog, I am going to talk about Intercom and Zendesk.

  • With so many solutions to choose from, finding the right option for your business can feel like an uphill battle.
  • Finally, their highest tier offers support for unlimited sales pipelines, advanced reporting, and other premium features.
  • The support team faced spiking ticket volumes, numerous new customer accounts, and the need to shift to remote work.
  • In the category of customer support, Zendesk appears to be just slightly better than Intercom based on the availability of regular service and response times.
  • When it comes to advanced workflows and ticketing systems, Zendesk boasts a more full-featured solution.

Even reviewers who hadn’t used the platform highlight how beautifully designed it is and how simple it is to interact with for both users and clients alike. After this, you’ll have to set up your workflows, personalizing your tickets and storing them by topic. You can then add automations and triggers, such as automatically closing a ticket or sending a message to a user. You can publish your knowledge base articles, divide them by categories, and integrate them with your messenger to accelerate the whole chat experience.

What is the difference between Intercom and Zendesk?

Intercom refers to itself as a Conversational Relationship Platform, providing insight into who is using your products or visiting your website. By learning more about your customers and how to communicate with them, you can create message-based conversations that feel personal, friendly, and convenient. Intercom isn’t as great with sales, but it allows for https://www.metadialog.com/ better communication. With Intercom, you can keep track of your customers and what they do on your website in real time. Like Zendesk, Intercom allows you to chat with online visitors and assist with their issues. Intercom users often mention how impressed they are with its ease of use and their ability to quickly create useful tasks and set up automations.




The cheapest plan for small businesses – Starter – costs $74 monthly, including 1 seat and 1,000 people reached/mo. Each additional 1,000 contacts on a Starter plan will cost you $19/mo or $79/mo on a Support Pro plan. Besides, the prices differ depending on the company’s size and specific needs.

Zendesk vs Intercom: Reporting and Analytics

When he isn’t writing content, poetry, or creative nonfiction, he enjoys traveling, baking, playing music, reliving his barista days in his own kitchen, camping, and being bad at carpentry. Understanding these fundamental differences should go a long way in helping you pick between the two, but does that mean you can’t use one platform to do what the other does better? These are both still very versatile products, so don’t think you have to get too siloed into a single use case. Discover customer and product issues with instant replays, in-app cobrowsing, and console logs. This is not a huge difference; however, it does indicate that customers are generally more satisfied with Intercom’s offerings than Zendesk’s. Zendesk is a much larger company than Intercom; it has over 170,000 customers, while Intercom has over 25,000.

intercom vs. zendesk

Explore Intercom integrations and Zendesk integrations, and you can even connect Intercom to Zendesk to explore Intercom Zendesk integrations. Now that we’ve seen the functionality of each help desk solution, let’s move on to the most interesting question – the question of pricing. You’ll probably want to know how much Zendesk or Intercom costs, so let’s talk about money now. One more thing to add, there are ways to integrate Intercom to Zendesk.

With this kind of organization, you will not only find your favorite apps but also discover new ones to meet your needs. However, the Intercom app store is far more intuitive and is much easier to navigate. It not only shows you all of the apps you can use, but it also intercom vs. zendesk divides these into topics and categories. By the end of the article, you’ll not only know all of the main differences between Zendesk and Intercom, but you’ll know which is the right tool for you. Yes, you can integrate the Intercom solution into your Zendesk account.

Zendesk’s core feature remains its ticketing system, and its functionality has remained the best in the industry since its inception. As Zendesk started off solely as a helpdesk and ticketing tool, they have perfected this part of their platform over the years. Messagely also provides you with a shared inbox so anyone from your team can follow up with your users, regardless of who the user was in contact with first.